Mr. Moo Prepares for Slaughter

It has been a few weeks since my last post and there have been a few changes.  In terms of fitness, a few aqua aerobic PT sessions were cancelled which set me back a little.  I’m still making some strength gains and the more I use the elliptical trainer and the bike, the better I feel.
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My First Event

20131128_024427_LLS Here I sit on Saturday evening, my legs are a little stiff and sore.  In fact, I feel like I’m walking on pegs at the moment.  My first event is finally over, and I’m so glad I did it!  On Thursday, I took part in an interesting and fun global event – the 3rd Worldwide Companion RunContinue reading

Countdown to My First Run

Well the day is here… It is 10.5 hours until my first 5 km run. At 2 am tomorrow morning I will be embarking on an uplifting event, and major milestone in my journey. The last time I ran 5 km I was in high school. I weighed 73 kg. My body shape was that of a Kenyan long-distance runner, and well… no one had heard of blogging let alone Facebook. In fact, iPod’s didn’t exist and if you asked someone about Harry Potter the response you’d get would be “Harry who?”.

My PT session yesterday was upper body focused. And just as well, as I can’t feel my arms today. My trainer gave me his pep talk about how to approach tomorrow morning which I will take on board, but other than that I think I am running on excitement at the moment.

A friend told me that once you get the first run out-of-the-way, you’ll be hooked on running. I’m not so sure at this stage. We’ll see what happens tomorrow before I commit to more runs. It could be one of the most stupidest things I’ve done, but I’m hoping I get a lot out of it.

Mexican Burritos with Guacamole

There are a number of ways to make burritos, but this version is low in calories, high in protein and gives you 1 1/2 serve of vegetables.  You can also choose to leave the mayonnaise out if you wish, which will make it even more healthier.  Continue reading

Mother Nature’s Gymnasium

Okay so the title may be a little misleading if you’re picturing yourself climb vines – à la Tarzan, but you can get a great workout by doing chores in the garden.  And no, I don’t mean push ups on the lawn or commando rolls through the shrubs – unless that’s your thing.

Now let me be honest, I had no plans to exercise in the garden for the sake of exercising, it was brought about my need to establish a garden that would one day make it difficult for my dog to see through the fence.  I swear he barks at nothing just to annoy the hell out of me.  He’s lucky I love him! Continue reading

Just a Minor Setback

Suffered a heavy knock to the leg on Thursday night at indoor soccer.  For a second I thought I had re-broken the same leg, but it appears to be much better. 

Frustrating to suffer a setback with my first 5km run coming up.  I attempted my PT session and made it halfway through before I couldn’t take it anymore…. I wasn’t even doing leg work!

Hoping to go for a swim tomorrow to help with recovery.  I could do with a nice massage though.

Week 1 Review

yes-success-copyOkay so one week has gone, the first hurdle successfully cleared.  I’ve learnt a lot during this week – like writing a blog can be exciting but making it work how you want it to can suck when you have little patience with html code; and that it is possible to over warm-up and then lose intensity during the actual workout (as I found out at indoor soccer).

The week started with enthusiasm, excitement and eagerness usually only seen by a child in a toy store.  One of my qualities – both negative and positive depending who you ask, is that I’m a perfectionist.  It’s probably an Aquarian thing as it’s something I definitely have not inherited from anyone as it drives my family nuts.  I like making lists and action plans – sometimes to the point where I’ve written an action plan on how to action the points I’ve written on my list.  But this time it’s different!  I know so because I wrote an action plan about it!  This time the truck tyres around my waist are going to be destroyed. Continue reading